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Transcribe your Audio/Video Recordings or Documents

Poor sound quality and foreign accents are no problem. We proofread against original sound files to ensure quality. Your deadline is our deadline.


Law Enforcement/Government Agencies Are Our Specialties

We work closely with many law enforcement and government agencies to provide transcripts in any format required. Our services include:

• Body Bugs
• Court Proceedings
• Crime Scene Investigations
• Fire Reports
• Conference

  •  Patrol & Detective Reports
    • Interviews
    • Traffic Accident Reports
    • Wire Taps
    • Oral histories

Benefits for Law Enforcement

  • Outsourced transcription saves about 50 percent of the cost of in-house typing.  We proofread to ensure you get the correct information every time.
  • Stop departmental leaks.
  • Increase turnaround time.
  • Protect your department from liability due to conflict of interest.
  • Reduce supervision and management headaches.
  • End overtime.

We Have You Covered

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Reports can be dictated four to five times faster than they can be written or typed, which saves you 80 percent of your work hours. You can upload digital audio or video files to our secure, encrypted, and cloud-based software at any time (FedRamp certified). Transcripts are returned via email or secure server. We can transcribe most sound files without conversion or extra fees. We can also access DoD Safe and use Ariba or other systems for sending and delivery of materials.  

Business Services

We can transcribe digital audio/video files to provide you with verbatim transcripts of meetings, interviews, and web events. Upload digital files to our cloud-based site free of charge, and we will transcribe your materials. Transcripts are returned via email or secure server.

• Conferences & Meetings
• Focus Groups
• Insurance Interviews
• Internal Security Investigations
• Manuals & Instruction Booklets

• Oral Histories
• Telephone Calls
• Video Presentations
• Websites

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