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We can meet all your translation needs, including audio, video, document and online translation. Our team has extensive experience working with many languages such as Spanish, Creole, Russian, etc. We ensure you will get accurate work returned quickly.


We specialize in law enforcement audio and video transcription, focus groups, industrial security, oral histories and more.


We often outsource work to highly qualified independent contractors. We hire periodically for new translator and transcription jobs. Submit your qualifications and resume via email for any position that is currently available. See our Work Opportunities page.

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About Us

Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting, Inc. is a transcription and translation agency. We provide fast, accurate, and secure services for government agencies and companies worldwide.

We work with national and international companies, although all translation and transcription services are performed in the United States. Our company has been operating in Pinellas County, Florida since 1994. Prior to that, we operated as Segal Reporting Service.

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Why Outsource?

  • Outsourcing saves up to 50% or more of the cost of in-house typing.
  • Outsourcing protects you from liability due to conflicts of interest, departmental leaks, and costs of overtime and supervision. 

Why Us?

Our personnel include highly trained, experienced former court reporters, paralegals, medical transcriptionists, and secretaries. Team members undergo thorough criminal background checks. Some of our transcriptionists and translators hold federal security clearances. We proofread against the original audio.

Our translators are trained and certified or have been nationally tested.  They are mostly native speakers and are U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents.  

American High-Tech Advantages

We provide video and audio transcription in almost any format, so you are not required to convert to specific file types. Submit your own report and transcript formats and templates for us to use.  Work is uploaded and returned to you via a secure cloud-based system at no extra charge. We'll also maintain a secure, encrypted archive of your transcript indefinitely at no additional charge.